2019. And then 2020/1. What’s up for next year?

Quick conversation with Connor McDonald as he previews his upcoming session at Oracle Developer Live about rapidly designing and building great database applications and optimizing them for insane performance.

Here’s a post about two articles I wrote 30 years ago on zoopharmacognosy. It was an interesting experience back then and the issue still lives today.

Animals Magazine • September/October 1992 • Fur-Bearing Pharmacists

PODCAST: Conversation with Jeff Smith on the latest tools in Oracle Database for developers and administrators. And lots of bits on working with the community too. Oracle Developers Podcast. Oracle Developers Blog.

It was a long day yesterday (10 hrs!) for the speakers and producers who ran the APAC version of Java Innovations for Oracle Developer Live. And only a few things broke so it was a very successful event! Great job everyone! See 22 sessions and interviews on YouTube here.

My images on Flickr yesterday from Katsuō-ji. Too early for the cherry trees up in the mountains. But a beautiful day nevertheless. We’ll have to go back.

Remembering blogs.sun.com. Got my start in blogging at Sun. It was really innovative at the time. Both Sun and Microsoft were the first to start corporate blogging and they led for years.

Found a lot of interesting mirrors and windows in Kyoto over the weekend. I can amuse myself quite well for hours on end just walking around and playing with the different shapes and colors from the reflections. Sometimes people notice I’m doing this. Mostly not, though. It was a beautiful late winter weekend and there were many thousands of people walking around.

Kyoto, March 2021

Jim Grisanzio


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