Innovation Happens Everywhere

I think this image image below was a T-shirt. Or maybe a poster, I don’t know. I can’t remember. I can’t find the original file to check. But I do remember clearly during the JXTA launch meetings in the spring of 2001 that Bill Joy was saying “Innovation Happens Everywhere.” It’s sort of a play on “Innovation Happens Elsewhere”. btw: There’s a good book on “elsewhere” from Ron Goldman and Richard Gabriel.

Anyway, I like the “everywhere” bit better since it suggests all spaces, not just the space away from wherever you are. Small point. Both work fine. The larger point is that you have to always be looking out for innovation because you can find it anywhere and at any time. But even now too few people get this.

So, I guess we ripped off the phrase for some OpenSolaris branding. I just found this image while poking at some old photos the other day. That’s what we were trying to do with OpenSolaris — build an engineering community everywhere. And it was working for a while, too! Oh, well. Shit happens. You just keep on going, right? Lessons learned.

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