Podcast: Dmitry Alexandrov

#390: Dmitry Alexandrov on Microservices, Project Helidon, and Building the Community

In this episode of the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast I talk with Dmitry Alexandrov about his session at Jfokus 2021. Dmitry is a well known speaker at Java conferences globally, and at this month’s Jfokus he ran a live coding session on Project Helidon, which is a collection of Java libraries for writing microservices. Dmitry covered the performance improvements and new features in Helidon 2.1. See his session abstract here.

But Helidon is not just a Java engineering project for writing microservices. It’s also an Open Source project. So developers can contribute globally via the community on GitHub. This is the real power of the technology — the people sharing their experience and contributing to the project. And this is where Dmitry really gets emotional when he talks about Helidon. As a software developer, he loves the technology, surely, but there’s something special about his tone when he talks about the people he meets around the world in the community.

Dmitry Alexandrov has been a Java Champion for several years, and he recently jointed Oracle in Bulgaria. Get him on Twitter @bercut2000. Jim Grisanzio is a Sr. Community Manager in Oracle Developer Marketing in Japan. Get him on Twitter @jimgris. Video from the interview above is on YouTube. Also see this article on Dmitry on Oracle News Connect.

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