Here is a set of 25 images where I found some interesting reflections — usually dirty mirrors, sheets of metal, panes of glass, or something like that. They are all from 2006 to present. I cropped them all the same in this wide format just for effect. The originals are all somewhat different because they were all shot with different cameras and saved in different sizes.

Tokyo, October 2006
Tokyo, August 2008
Tokyo, February 2009
Tokyo, March 2009
Tokyo, April 2009
Tokyo, May 2009
San Francisco, June 2009
Yokohama, November 2009
Tokyo, January 2010
Tokyo, April 2010
Tokyo, April 2010
Tokyo, November 2010
Tokyo, April 2011
Tokyo, May 2011
Tokyo, January 2012
Osaka, September 2013
San Francisco, September 2017
San Francisco, September 2017
San Francisco, October 2017
San Francisco, October 2018
Osaka, March 2019
Singapore, March 2019
Seoul, October 2019
Osaka, April 2020
Kobe, July 2020

That’s it. ☻